Sunday, 8 March 2015

Intermezzo: Flashback And Hot Gossip...

Skarg The Rabble-Rouser...
In the absence of Peter Entwhistle, Kirchin, Davian and the other members of the town council, Skarg The Half-Orc (of all people) has been stirring up the community, demanding an emergency meeting be called - because of the gathering orcs on the far side of The Bright River:
"While Entwhistle the hedge-wizard is off Jen-knows where and the rest of his cronies are away raiding, who is protecting our town? We need a new council, a strong council, a council that will stand up to the barbarians at our gates!"
So far, Bendwyn has resisted Skarg's calls for a new council to be formed, but as the size of the orc horde grows ever larger, and the rhythm of the orc war drums grows ever louder, more and more villagers are starting to think it might be time for action...

It was during this period of upheaval, that Sir Browyrd took the prisoner Margesh Blackbood - who had been released on his own recognizance and was staying with Browyrd at The Broken Blade - and left the town with his newly arrived unit of ducal troops.

Rumour had already begun to spread that Browyrd and Margesh were more than "just friends" (as the town council had already ascertained) and ribald jokes were being shared in hushed voices around The Golden Axe and Skarg's establishment.

Although none of the villagers saw what happened, the Sheriff, his prisoner and his men stopped off at The Temple Of The Lady Of Healing before Sir Browyrd and Margesh departed on the Sheriff's tarn, heading towards Dranning.

His soldiers - despite the pleas of the Bendwyn villagers - began their week-long march back towards the regional capitol.

Troops Of The Duke Of Dranning

Present Date: mid-June, 2014 SA ("Since The Abdication")

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