Davian Battlebeard

NAME: Davian Battlebeard
Dwarf Armourer & Smith (age: 94)

ST: 11
DX: 10 [8]
IQ: 11
EN: 10
MV: 5 [4]

  • Professional Skill - Goldsmith (3/IQ+1) - can work precious metals and recognise the value of such*.
  • Professional Skill - Armourer (3/IQ+1) - can craft and maintain weapons & armour, recognise fine (magical) craftsmanship*.
  • Alertness (3/IQ+2) - awareness of surroundings, sense danger, avoid ambush etc
  • Axe/Club/Mace (3/DX+5) - two attacks per round
  • Throw (3/DX+1)
  • Riding (3/DX+1) 
  • Shield (3/DX+1)
* see dwarf racial bonus below
  • when throwing his hammers, skilled: 3/DX+1, -1DX per 10ft, max range: 55ft
  • Stability: when both feet planted firmly on solid ground, gains +4DX bonus to resist being bull rushed, knocked down or tripped
  • +1DX to any attack vs goblinoids (inc. goblins, hobgoblins & bugbears)
  • +2IQ on search tests relating to unusual stonework
  • +2ST on tests vs poison
  • +2IQ on saves vs magic
  • +4DX dodge bonus vs giant-type creatures (inc. ogres, trolls & giants)
  • +2IQ on appraise tests relating to stone or metal items
  • +2IQ to Craft/Professional tests relating to making things of stone or metal

  • Superb Quality (non-magical, griffin emblem, ruby in eye) Chain Mail (-4AR, -2DX)
  • Superb quality (non-magical, griffin emblem, ruby in eye) round shield (-2AR) - may be used to BLOCK (3/DX+1) a successful attack (inc. missiles), check before damage rolled. Successful block stops 2 points of damage. Cannot take a move action after blocking attempt and can only block frontal attacks he is aware of.
  • High quality mace (self-made*) (1d6+5)   ENC: 1
  • Throwing Hammer x 3 (1d6+2)  ENC: 1.5
  • Backpack, leather (carries +4ENC)  ENC: 1
  • 50ft rope, silk   ENC: 1
  • Hooked grapnel  ENC: 1
  • Collapsible six foot pole ENC: 1
  • Flint & steel  ENC: 0.25
  • Iron spikes (5)  ENC: 0.5
  • Empty canvas sacks (3) (each can carry +3 ENC)  ENC: 1.5
  • Camp knife (1D3, unskilled, if used to attack 4/DX)  ENC: 0.5
  • Bag of flour  ENC: 0.5
  • Rations/Water (3 days) ENC: 0.5
  • Lantern, small (2hrs)  ENC: 0.5
  • Flask of oil (2hrs)  ENC: 0.5
  • Goblin tooth necklace (hand-crafted) 
  • Heavy glass sphere (smoky interior) ENC: 2.5
  • Crystal skull (3" diameter, finely crafted) ENC: 0.25
Total Encumbrance:  13 (out of 15, when wearing backpack)

*inc. +2 damage because dwarf-crafted

  • Cloak Of The Wood Lords - allows wearer to move silently and without trace through wooded areas. Requires a 5/IQ test to track. Made of magical leaves, shrink/extends to size of wearer.
  • Bag of oynx gems
  • Iron maiden for smelting
  • Superb quality longsword (griffin emblem, ruby in eye) (2d6+2, DX bonus of +1, ENC: 1)
    Note: if Davian opts to use the sword he attacks at 4/DX, unskilled.
BACKSTORY: In his youth he worked the mines as was expected of him, at one point saving a colleague during a dangerous mine collapse.

For a while, his clan lived "in the air", as dwarves refer to the surface world, and they employed a number of guard dogs to protect their camp from goblin and orc raids. There was one dog in particular - Spot (it means something different in dwarvish) - that Davian was fond of.

Then, one day, Spot sensed an orc raiding party, alerting Davian's clan in time, but taking four arrows in the process.
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