Name: Holly
Human scholar (age: 21)

ST: 9
DX: 12
IQ: 12
EN: 9
MV: 6

  • Athletics (3/DX+1) - bonus to run, jump, swim and perform athletic feats
  • Lore (3/IQ+1) - knowledge of Elyntian history, legends, traditions, and geography.
  • Naturalist (3/IQ+3) - identify poisons and plants, make healing potions*.
  • Stealth (3/DX+1) - evade detection, move silently
  • Fencing (3/DX+3)
  • Dagger (3/DX+1)
  • Swords (3/DX+1)

  • Rapier (1d6+1)  ENC: 0.5
  • Flint & steel       ENC: 0.25
  • Dagger (1d3+3)  ENC: 0.5
  • Canvas sack (Carries: +3 ENC) ENC: 0.5
  • Waterskin          ENC: 0.5
  • Pair of small maps (one of local continents of Cidri, one of Northern Elyntia)  
  • Pair on insulated gloves
Total Encumbrance: 2.5 (out of 9; out of 12 if using sack)

  • Doorknob of Unrestrained Entry - pressed to any closed door/lock (magical or mechanical) and turned, will cause the door to open. Doesn't work on barred/blocked doors; doesn't bypass traps. ENC: 0.25
  • Strange blue metal ring 

CASH: 61sp

* Healing Potions: Three times per day (once per skill point), Holly can make a check to identify or find healing plants/ingredients. She can then create one dose (per day per skill point) of an ointment/balm/salve that cures (1d3 + skill level) worth of damage, this takes about 30 minutes. Because of the use of all natural ingredients, this non-magical potion only has a 24-hour shelf life.


A small, quiet woman, Holly is often mistaken for someone much younger than her real age, and most of her friends in Bendwyn are teenagers (including Imogen and Marigold).

She lives with her aunt Gwendolyn, the village's apiarist (Gwendolyn runs the honey farm), and works part-time as a nurse at the Temple Of The Lady Of Healing, with Kirchin and his young apprentice, Kahl.

Although she comes from an uneducated background, Holly is driven by a thirst for knowledge and has therefore volunteered to join Kirchin and his colleagues on their adventures to broaden her education and put her skills to good use.
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