Name: Kirchin
Human physicker (age: 24)

ST: 9
DX: 12 [10]
IQ: 11
EN: 10
MV: 6 [5]

  • Physicker (3/IQ+3) - heal a person (once a day) 1ST or 2EN (per skill level)
  • Bows (3/DX+2) - may fire two arrows a round.
  • Fencing (3/DX+1)
  • Dagger (3/DX+1)
  • Track (3/IQ+1)
  • Swords (3/DX+3) (#2 att/rnd)
  • Riding (3/DX+1) 
  • Literate - reads/writes Elyntian & Trade Tongue
  • when firing bow, -1DX per 20ft from target, maximum effective range is 180ft
  • when throwing his dagger, unskilled: 4/DX, -1DX per 10ft, max range: 45ft

  • Studded Leather Armour (-2DX, -3AR)
  • Dagger (1d3+3)   ENC: 0.5
  • Rapier (1d6+1)   ENC: 0.5
  • Bow (1d6)   ENC: 1
  • Quiver + 25 arrows   ENC: 1
  • Physicker's kit   ENC: 1
  • Leather bag (carries +4ENC)   ENC: 0.5
  • Elaborate (but impractical) sword hilt ENC: 0.25

  • INVIKTUM VIKTORIUM: Broad sword (requires ST 10 to use, base damage: 2d6+2). In hands of a righteous user gains +2 to hit and +2 damage. Contains the spirit of Viktor Volkov, a warrior-priest. Has additional powers if wielded by a magic-user. ENC: 1
  • FADALOM (“Pain Giver”): Short sword (requires ST 8 to use, base damage: 2d6-1). Ignores target’s armour. Anyone wounded by Fadalom must make a 3/ST save or suffer a -2DX penalty for 3d6 rounds. ENC: 1
Total Encumbrance:  6.75 (out of 13, when using backpack)

    CASH: 0

    • "Gryphon" - horse (ST: 16, DX: 12, IQ: 6, MV: 12, DM: 1d6 kick)
    • Three mules (Charles, Felix & Bennell) ST: 12, 12, 13, DX: 11, IQ; 6,DM: 1d6+2, kick)

    BACKGROUND: A former soldier, Kirchin arrived in Bendwyn in March, 2014 SA with his young apprentice, Kahl, to take possession of the abandoned healing house, 'The Temple Of The Lady Of Healing', outside of the village.

    Since then he has become an active part of the village council. Kirchin feels very protective of the village and its inhabitants, considering it his home.

    Meanwhile 12-year-old Kahl helps out with the care of Kirchin's patients while learning the physicker's art.

    Kirchin was a solider in The Secession Wars, using his aptitude for finding the injured on battlefields and treating their wounds to earn himself the role of 'healer' in his unit.

    He adopted the orphan boy, Kahl, as his "squire/batman".

    Kahl - Kirchin's apprentice
    ST: 6
    IQ: 9
    DX: 7
    EN: 0

    Skills: Physicker (3/IQ+1)
    Possessions: basic clothing & footwear, garlic, pipe & tobacco, jar of whiskey, dagger (1d3+2, 4/DX to hit)
    Cash: $1
    XP: -100
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