Peter Entwhistle

Peter Entwhistle - Village Mage of Bendwyn

Peter Entwhistle
Human Wizard (age: 32)

ST: 8
DX: 10 [9]
IQ: 13
EN: 11
MV: 5

  • Wizard's Staff (1d6+1, see below) ENC: 0.5
  • Robes (-1DX, -1AR)
  • Canvas Backpack (can carry +4 ENC) ENC:1
  • Small Lantern. ENC: 0.5
  • 2 x Flasks of oil (each one provides two hours light when burnt in lantern) ENC: 1
  • Ring Of Darkness (when worn, creates a 20ft radius of shadowy illumination around wearer. All within area of effect are +1 die to be spotted or seen, even creatures with night vision etc Normal light sources and low-powered light magic cannot penetrate, but light spells of over IQ10 still function. Lower powered light magic is countered or dispelled)
Total Encumbrance: 3

  • Literacy (Common, Sorcerer's Tongue, Elvish - 3/IQ+1)
(NOTE: Peter is not a skilled combatant with his staff, so his attacks are 4/DX)

SPELLS (3/IQ + Lvl to cast):
  • Drop (Lvl: 1; IQ 8, EN: 1, R: IQ) - target tests 4/ST or immediately drops objects held in either/both hands.
  • Lock/Knock Lvl: 1, (IQ: 10, EN: 1, R: IQ) - opens (or locks) objects/doors, including magically sealed ones.
  • Fireball (Lvl: 1, IQ: 12, EN: 1 per, R: IQ) - 1d6 damage per EN spent (max: 3). Ignites flammable objects on 1-2 on a d6.
  • Telekinesis (Lvl: 1, IQ: 13, EN: 3, R: IQ) - comes in three varieties:
    1. Sustained Force, can move up to 260lb up to 20ft/turn for 13 turns. Can manipulate object as if touching with one hand (e.g. pull lever, turn key etc)
    2. Combat Manoeuvre, for 13 turns, Peter may charge, disarm, grapple or trip remotely using his IQ in place of ST or DX for tests.
    3. Violent Thrust, can hurl up to 13 objects/creatures in range (and within 10ft of each other) at a target, using IQ to hit. Weapons do normal damage, other objects cause 1d6 per full 20lb of weight (under 20lb cause 1pt). Creatures can resist (3/IQ), but if hurled at solid object take 1d6.
  • Wizard's Staff: EN: 8/ ST:8 (can use this EN instead of own to cast spells, recharges to full after eight hours without use. Can take 8ST damage in combat before breaks. Explode: can be hurled to shatter causing a (remaining EN)d6 explosion, wounding all within 10ft.
  • Familiar: Raven - ST: 4, DX: 10, IQ: 4, MV: 1/10fly, DM: 2pt. Speaks Common tongue (can also communicate in own language with Peter), grants Peter +2 IQ bonus on Appraisal tests.Spells cast at familiar suffer a +1DRM penalty. While familiar within arm's reach, Peter has Alertness Skill (at +2) - 3/IQ+2 to avoid ambush or surprise. If makes DX save for half damage, then takes no damage and only half damage if save fails. Has empathic link to Peter for up to a mile, but Peter cannot see through his eyes. If familiar in contact when Peter casts a touch spell, the familiar may then "deliver" the touch spell. 

CASH: 120 silver dollars

  • Several unknown potions
  • A scroll
 JOB: Running village magic shop nets him $75/month

Wife: Betty Entwhistle
Children: Logan (10), Kitty (8)

Peter was born in Bendwyn to the itinerant wizard Oblidar who stopped in the village on his travels one day and never left, becoming the town’s resident wizard for 20 years before dying and passing the shop on to his son.

Peter and Betty were childhood sweethearts who married  young and are now the proud parents of two children – Logan, the eldest, is rather shy and a bit of a mummy’s boy while Kitty is quite precocious and is already showing a flair for the family business. 

Every so often wizened strangers drift through the village claiming to be old friends of Oblidar, but Peter is always suspicious of these people as his father never talked of his travels and so doesn’t know exactly what these wanderers are after. He usually denies any connection to Oblidar and sends them on their way.

As the first literate person in Bendwyn (a passion for reading is spreading among the 'adventuring' class), Peter supplements his income by acting as the village’s official “reader”, reading any messages that come for the council or any personal correspondence a villager may receive for some reason.

While scrupulously honest with fellow villagers, he is not above trying to fleece any gullible – and obviously wealthy – so-called “adventurers” who come to Bendwyn.

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