Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What Has Become Of Imogen?

A thief matching Imogen's description has been seen imprisoned in Dranning gaol. If it is her, how did she end up there?


  1. We should go to Dranning and make sure the full force of the law is upheld ... unless it's IS Imogen in which case we need to bust her out of there :-) Davian

  2. Of course, technically your characters don't know anything about this (and probably never will, without magical guidance of some sort)!

    It was more just to keep her in the game, should Meredith ever want to run her 'remotely' as she had suggested before jetting off to the Antipodes.

  3. I LOVE a mystery Mr. Knight!! Can't wait to see what the story is...

    1. Thanks, this is the 'launch pad' for a potential postal element to the campaign as Imogen's player (Meredith) has moved to New Zealand, but still wants to play Imogen. We're just working out the practicalities of this

      I'm letting Meredith suggest how Imogen has ended up in this situation, as she was last heard of leaving the group's home village, having caught a glimpse of someone she thinks may be her mother while the group was 'lost' in the Realm Of Faerie!!!


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