Saturday, 23 July 2016

Interlude II: Harry's Dream...

Sick & Tired Of Sleeping Outdoors, Harry Was Looking Forward To A Proper Bed Again...

Harry was both surprised and delighted to discover that his old room in The Golden Axe hadn't been ransacked by Skarg's men.

He really needed a rest and his "acolytes" - Salli and Pham - were only too willing to make up his bed.

Harry was enjoying his new-found status as "The Chosen One", but was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow...
He found himself walking through a strange, featureless, dark building, drawn towards a single lit candle that stood beside an oddly illuminated bed. As he drew closer he saw in the bed, an old man. Walking away from the bed, down another corridor, his back to Harry, was a figure that the halfling was sure was Kirchin.

But then didn't the old man look a bit like Kirchin as well? Surely that wasn't possible?

The elderly Kirchin turned his head to look at the hobbit and began to speak: "Harry, it's good to see you again, my old friend. The time is coming, is it not? You must choose. You must choose wisely. You have the voice of an angel, but it is your aim that will win the day and save us all. I know where the key is... make me remember..."
And Harry woke with a start. The two young women, previously curled up on the floor, came to his side, Pham still limping from her broken leg, asking if anything was wrong?

"I know where the key is..."

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