Monday, 14 July 2014

Marigold's Story...

Marigold Weaver
Daughter of Bendwyn's weaver, Dennis, Marigold was apprenticed to town wizard Peter Entwhistle at a young age.

While this basically amounted to a lot of skivvying and looking after Peter and Betty's young children (Logan and Kitty), he did teach her a couple of useful healing spells.

She has also snuck a look in some of Peter's books and taught herself the "webbing" spell.

Recently while cleaning up for Peter, the teenager broke one of his precious glass alembics, and so he sent her to Horst to pick up a replacement from the alchemist Syrius.

It took her three days to reach the town, but unfortunately no sooner had she collected it from Syrius than she dropped that as well.

Now convinced both the wizard and alchemist will be furious with her she doesn't know what to do, but luckily she has spotted her friend from the town, Imogen (the potter's adopted daughter) and Bendwyn's smith, the dwarf Davian Battlebeard, in Horst.
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