Chronology Of Elyntia

CURRENT DATE: 2014 S.A. ("Since The Abdication")

This chronology will be regularly updated as the campaign progress, more events unfold and more history is unearthed.

(present day)

December 22: The Final Stand Of Cobblethwaite's Companions
and the ultimate transformation of Cidri in the Hell-planet that will be forever Kroatoa.
December 21
The Companions make to the Stellarium of The Vinteralf in the Gargoyle Mountains. Before they can get inside an avalance claims the life of Holly. Inside the ancient building, Marigold opens diplomatic relations with the Vinteralf, who are impressed by Harry's willingness to sacrifice himself to "save the world".
December 14
The Companions make it back to Bendwyn, with about 70 refugees in tow. They leave the refugees with Capt Hammerhand at Bright River Fort, then liberate their home town from the clutches of Skarg The Half-Orc demagogue.
·            October 31: Kroatoa comes to Cidri. The Yellow King walks the land, and behind him his Kingdom takes shape.
·            October 30: The Siege Of The Welcome Back Inn
·            Late October: The Companions arrive back at the border of Elyntia, on the night of the blood moon.
·            Early August: After the funeral of Peter Entwhistle, the Companions learn of a 'Mnorean treasure house' in the Western Badlands from Kirchin's brother, Dirkin, and head there, arriving at the end of the month.
·            Mid-July: The Companions explore the 'haunted manse' of Jerol, outside Dundraville. First to rescue a missing child, and then again seeking loot. Peter Entwhistle is wounded on the first trip, rests up in the village, and later dies (gruesomely) from his wounds.
·            Late June: The Companions exploits in Tanander provoke an orc horde to gather at The Bright River and threaten invasion. Only the arrival of the wizard Revoreesh averts disaster.
·            Mid-May to second week in June: Encounter With ‘Long Dead Mardrid’ and then quest to find the witch.
·            Mid-March to early May: Early adventures of Cobblethwaite’s Companions & the hunt for Margesh Blackblood.


The End Of The Secession Wars.


Father Caleb arrives in Bendwyn as the town’s new priest.

The Secession Wars break out in North-West Elyntia. Kirchin joins up to fight. Kahl’s parents are killed. Kirchin rescues Kahl and takes him on as his apprentice.


Kahl (Kirchin’s apprentice) is born


Oblidah Entwhistle dies at the age of 73 and his son, Peter, takes over as Bendwyn’s resident mage.


Marigold Weaver is born


Lady Zadell Kel goes into seclusion in the Cathedral-Fortress Kel, but remains head of the Mnoren church.


Holly is born


Kirchin in born


Peter Entwhistle born (his mother dies shortly after his birth and he is raised by his father)


Itinerant wizard Oblidah Entwhistle arrives in Bendwyn, marries a local lass and stays on as the village wizard.


Harry Cobblethwaite born


The Duchess, Lady Zadell Kel, becomes head of the Mnoren Church in Elyntia


Jerol of Jirrey passes away and his fortified manor, in the hills outside Dundraville, falls into a state of disrepair as locals are too terrified to approach its “cursed threshold”.


Tiring of the adventuring life and seeking a place of solitude, Jerol of Jirrey has a fortified mansion build in the hills outside Dundraville. Soon after Lake Dundrae and the river that fed into it dried up.


Oblidah Entwhistle joins Jerol Of Jirrey’s adventuring company, The Most Excellent Brethren.


Mysterious ambassador comes to see King Ulfric (father of the present king) in Kaerater, the capitol city of Elyntia, makes outrageous demands, is driven out and exiled to Huldre Forest (becomes Granny aka The Witch)


While trading with The Starlight Empire, Jerol and Bazzim are joined by Oueftet Aramioc, a native of Delos.


Oblidah Entwhistle is born


Jerol forms The Most Excellent Brethren with the sailor Bazzim, from the land of Tarkam.


Davian Battlebeard born.


Jerol of Jirrey is born


Peace Accords signed at end of Thousand Year War between the goblionoid races of Tanander and the peoples of Elyntia


During the Thousand Year War the duchies of Kel and Dranning become embroiled in a conflict with an evil death cult, The Duvan'Ku, which has spread terror throughout southern Elyntia from its secluded base somewhere in the Gargoyle Mountains. The cult eventually disappears as quickly as it appeared and egend has it that the committed the ultimate apostasy by summoning its god, Ballor Mnoren, and then sacrificing him!


Legendary Warrior-Priest Viktor Volkov helps found the community that will grow into the town on Bendwyn. He personally blesses the altar stone which still resides in the town’s chapel.

c. 900

The Book Of Millius (a history of the continent of Tekralh) is penned by Elyntian monk Millius, documenting - among other things - the last known sighting of a Tarrasque ("the world-breaker") on the continent


The orcs of Tanander invade Elyntia, King Arturus is toppled (possibly with aid of traitorous barons). The start of The Thousand Year War (also known as The Forever War).


Arturus Slacksword, son of Ultar The Bastard, comes to the throne of Elyntia. During Slacksword’s reign the First Men became greedy for land (and resources) that belonged to their peaceful neighbours, the orcs.


King Evets of Elyntia dies of old age (and is followed by 13 rulers of various quality)


Work is completed on The White Tower, which began in late 564, King Ater’s castle in Kaerater. Later kings will expand the confines of the castle, but The 90ft high White Tower looms over it all.


King Ater dies of wasting disease and is succeeded by King Evets of The Silver Hand.


King Ater of The First Men arrives on the orcish continent of Tekralh, across the seas from Sevled, and carves out the Elyntian Kingdom (meaning "Blessed Haven"), and work starts on building capitol city Kaerater (meaning “Ater’s Keep”). King Ater’s own castle – Túr Hwit (The White Tower) – is designed by Waistlin Majeure, the king’s right-hand man.

c. 500

All the Mnoren are gone from Cidri.

c. 300

No Mnoren are left governing any provinces on Cidri.


The Mnoren abdicate all responsibility for Cidri and start to disappear from public life.

Pre-Year Zero

The God Times aka The Time Of Titans when the Mnorens ruled Cidri for hundreds (thousands?) of years


  1. Such event lists are very interesting and athmospheric, did you use some generator or made up events yourself?

    1. Thank you so much for your interest. These are all inventions of my deranged mind (or from PC back stories). As I add adventure sites, or am inspired to develop a piece of history for adventure backgrounds etc then I add a short note here as well.

    2. Some of the original entries came from the campaign background in the old Fantasy Trip RPG (which was the starting point of our game)


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