Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Chapter Nineteen: Outhouse Of The Gods...

The "man of light" was not pleased that the adventurers were messing around with the switches

Continuing their exploration of the strange underground system that Kirchin's brother Dirkin had assured them was a "storehouse of the gods", Cobblethwaite's Companions stumbled on with a mix of caution and curiosity.

Wandering the copper-lined hallways, they found a pair of rooms with large switches - one white and one black - that they discovered could turn on and off the soft glow of the floors and ceilings, as well as  'extinguish' the dangerous sparks that danced over the walls and some of the doors (the metal ones).

After an extended period of experimentation with the switches, a humanoid made of sparks and light appeared, angrily gesturing for them to leave.

They'd hoped that with the "power off" they might be able to access a particularly inviting metal corridor they had found earlier, but by the time they returned there the 'light creature' had turned the power back on.

Holly's "magical doorknob' came in handy on a number of occasions, opening a small treasure chest - that contained four valuable porcelain lion figurines - and sets of large double doors (unfortunately each time Holly opened the doors she got 'zapped' quite painfully).

They found a sunken bath full of warm oil, a room full of metal statue parts, a room decorated with strange carvings depicting the transformation of man into angel, as well as a room with large copper sphere (that had a door at its rear to allow Holly and Marigold to get inside), and battled an odd bull-like creature, that crackled with lightning, then used its carcass as a meat-bridge to get across a room that had spikes instead of a floor.

At one point the party turned on Dirkin, demanding to know why they had come here in the first place, and he reminded them that he believed there were great treasures hidden somewhere within the catacombs.

"There have to be," he said. "I was told this was an outpost of the gods."

"Outhouse, more like," his brother growled back. "And they forgot to flush it out!"

To be continued...

  • Davian (Kevin)
  • Harry (Simon)
  • Holly (Erica)
  • Kirchin (Pete)
  • Marigold (Clare)
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