A town on its uppers since the river and Lake Dundrae dried up, if not for the trade that the famous Berkclay Brothers brewery brings in the town would probably have died a long time ago.

The lake and river dried up in 1966, soon after the elderly adventurer Jerol Of Jirrey built his fortified manor house in the hills overlooking the village.

Many properties in Dundraville stand derelict and its mayor "Lord" Duncan Merriweather (the title is a nickname) can be found, more often than not, propping up the bar in The Merry Riot Inn.


Managed by a jovial widower called Bothwell whose hands are kept full running the inn and keeping his two tearaway sons - J'homme (8) and Kennet (10) - under control. When the two boys aren't fighting they're daring each other to perform increasingly outrageous feats.

The inn is actually owned by a consortium of prominent town's folk - including the halfling brewer Berk and Kerwin Krell, the outfitter.

The Merry Riot, one of the largest buildings in Dundraville, boasts a massive common room with full food service, and eight guest chambers.

A trio of attractive sisters, Darly, Dayla, and Dayl usually act as serving maids.

Earlier this year Dayl was rescued by Cobblethwaite's Companions after she was kidnapped by the ogre that had been lurking in Skulltop Hill. Since then she and her sisters refuse to take any payment from that particular group of adventurers for food and drink (with Bothwell's tacit approval).


Kerwin Krell maintains this busy outfitting and supply shop. He is a short, aging human with salt-and-pepper hair and a bad comb-over. He wears simple clothes, and always greets customers with a forced smile. The shop is usually well-stocked, but his prices are on the steep side.


Run by a pair of halfling brothers. While Clay is the master brewer, he never had the finances to open his own brewery until his ex-con brother Berk arrived from Dranning.

Berk swears he is now on the "straight and narrow" but refuses to talk about why he had to leave Dranning in such a hurry and where he got the money from to open the brewery about five years ago.

In addition to common ale, the brothers also brew a dark stout, pale ale, and micro brews of odd flavored ale, such as pumpkin ale. A popular local brew is "fire ale", brewed with spicy hot peppers and guaranteed to cause heartburn, even in dwarves!

Since the resolution of the recent unpleasantness with the ogre, Berkclay Bros. Brewery has become a regular supplier to The Golden Axe in Bendwyn.


Just west of town, located on a small rise near a stand of woods, are seven massive stone monoliths arranged in a druid's circle. The stone circle is centuries old, but is still tended by an order of druids that monitors the region.

Once every few months, a low-ranking druid travels to the circle to tend the vegetation, harvest wild mistletoe, and perform a few blessings.


Outside of town and to the south is an old hut located on the western bank of the dead river. The hut belongs to an old one-armed hermit named Tarik. He is a grouchy retired adventurer who has seen some sixty winters. Years ago he lost his right arm when he foolishly confronted the ogre, shortly after it settled in the nearby cave on Skulltop Hill.

Despite his advanced age, Tarik is still fit and quite active. He chops wood daily, and is fiercely independent. He trades woodcarvings to the townsfolk in exchange for basic living needs, and enjoys his solitude. Most townsfolk fear him (much to his delight), but there are also those who believe he is a kind, harmless old man full of tall tales and all sorts of advice.


Located to the northeast of town is a single stone tower, that used to stand about forty or fifty foot high, but has lost of a couple of levels since it was abandoned and left to the elements. Locals avoid it, claiming it was once the site of terrifying necromantic experiments.


A fortified manor in the hills outside of town, now also fallen into a derelict state, that was once home to the world-travelling swashbuckler Jerol of Jirrey, a member of the same adventuring company as Oblidar Entwhistle (father of Bendwyn's resident wizard, Peter Entwhistle).

Even while Jerol was alive, the mansion was said to be cursed, but since his death 40 years ago, the town has simply thought it was better forgotten and no-one ventures near to this day.

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