Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Chapter Twenty-Three: Ogres Against Humanity...

Kent: the well-spoken male ogre

Dirkin had not returned from one of his usual hunting trips and so his brother Kirchin - and Kirchin's apprentice, Holly - left the refugee caravan to try and find him.

Having retraced his steps to where Dirkin left the main road, Kirchin managed to track his brother through the woods and eventually came to a large clearing, by a stream, where Dirkin was bound to a rock.

The rock formed part of a small henge, near a shepherd's cottage and a herd of sheep. The shepherd - now deceased - was secured next to Dirkin.

Dirkin had been captured by a family of very well-spoken ogres intent on sacrificing him - and the shepherd - to their sheep deity!

Kirchin and Holly fought, and killed, the male ogre and were then searching the area when the female attacked. Kirchin took a meaty blow to the head and Holly snapped her rapier in the ensuing conflict, but the second ogre was soon overpowered as well.

Kirchin, Holly, and Dirkin then followed the trail of the female ogre back into the forest, where they found the ogre's den, a cave with two young mewling ogre-babies.

After much soul-searching, Kirchin and Holly dispatched the younglings.

Having searched the area round the henge, and found an old military monument and a rusty broach, Kirchin and Holly snared a couple of the sheep (who they named Flossy and Dolly), and then - along with Dirkin - headed back to the main road to Bendwyn, and rejoined the caravan.

A rough map of where the encounter took place...

  • Dirkin - GMPC
  • Holly - Erica
  • Kirchin - Pete
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