Thursday, 8 January 2015

Epilogue I - Marigold & Betty Entwhistle...

Betty Entwhistle
"Oh, you poor, dear child," tutted Betty Entwhistle, after Marigold had recounted her trip to the afterlife - in the broadest of terms and without going into the 'specific requirements' of the curse she was under.

The frumpy hedge wizard, wife of Marigold's still absent master, town wizard Peter Entwhistle, insisted that she be allowed to examine Marigold and ordered the young girl to strip.

"Arrgghh!" Betty suddenly exclaimed and held up a mirror for Marigold to see the mark that Mardrid's touch had left on her left shoulder blade.

'The Mark'
"You've been touched by an agent of The Yellow King, my dear. It hasn't been seen in these parts for centuries. Your fate is sealed! There is nothing I can do. You must leave here, get out of my house, stay away from my children. You mustn't bring the curse of The Yellow King down on this family!"

Even as she spoke, Betty was scooping up Marigold's clothes and thrusting them towards her, while making sweeping gestures indicating Marigold's meagre possessions - making it quite clear she was no longer welcome in the Entwhistle home.

"May Jen Mnoren protect you, child," Betty repeated as Marigold felt a tear welling up in the corner of her eye.

Loading her new spell book in to her backpack along with her other possessions, Marigold left the Entwhistle house and headed towards The Broken Blade, where she knew her friends were meeting with Sir Browyrd.
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