Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Holly's Story...

The distant niece of Bendwyn's resident apiarist, Holly has lived at her spinster aunt's home for years, helping on the bee farm.

The arrival of Kirchin, earlier in the year, and the reopening of The Temple Of The Lady Of Healing prompted her to take a part-time job there as a nurse.

A small, quiet woman, 21-year-old Holly is often mistaken for someone much younger than her real age, and most of her friends in Bendwyn are teenagers (including Imogen and Marigold).

Although she comes from an uneducated background, Holly is driven by a thirst for knowledge.

The recent departure of Imogen from the town has emboldened her to step out of the shadows and  join Kirchin and his colleagues on their adventures, with the aim of broadening her education and putting her skills to good use.
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